How to Keep yourself Healthy?

Eating healthy in nowadays is a real challenge. Why? Just think about all that food around us: pretzels, a warm cheese pie,rolls and other pastry products that seem harmless but they are not. Especially when you eat them together with a carbonated drink. Do you want to keep you body healthy? Here are some tips:

  • Start your day with a balanced breakfast that includes cereals, milk or tea. By the way, don’t skip breakfast thinking that this will help you lose pound.If you don ’t want to eat a rich breakfast, you can eat a fruit of a toast. Less is better than nothing.
  • Start changing you dietary behavior even from your kitchen. Replace,step by step all that unhealthy snacks with fresh fruits. It won’t be easy but all the changes begin from somewhere.
  • Begin to plan your meals in advance. This way, food shopping become much easier. A list of what you need will be also helpful. Try to buy only what you wrote.
  • Try to not buy food when you feel hungry because you may buy more that you need.
  • Buy many fruits and vegetables and search ways to cook them avoiding fire as much as you can.
  • Drink water even if you are some of those people that say they don’t feel the need to drink it. Your body certainly need water to work properly.
  • Don’t add cream or sugar in your coffee or in your tea and drink them as they are. It’s much healthier and you will learn to appreciate their taste.
  • Cook meals in advance when you have some extra time. For example, on Sunday you can cook for all the week. This will also help you to quit on eating at a restaurant so often. And we all know that eating in a restaurant it’s not quite cheap.
  • Don’t add salt in your meal because this may cause you heart disease later. Salt raises blood pressure. Use healthy spices as cinnamon, turmeric or ginger.
  • Quit on salad dressing. Start using extra virgin olive oil or lemon juice instead.
  • Use mustart on or sandwicher because it’s an excellent cancer fighter and also contains fatty acids like omega-3.
  • Quit on refined grains. You can buy food that are close to their natural state.
  • Stay away from fast food because this food is very processed and salty.
  • Don’t eat when you are in a hurry.
  • Drink water before every meal because this will help you to feel full.
  • Don’t mix desserts and desserts.
  • Chew slowly because this could mean less calories consumed.
  • Choose sea food. It contains minerals, protein and fatty acids.
  • Run, dance or go to a local gym.
  • If you have a sedentary job, you can take your breaks outdoors where you can a short walk. You will be very surprised when you will see that this will improve your mood and your concentration.
  • Listen to music while you are doing exercises.
  • Say "goodbye" to the addictions which are bad for your health. So, quit smoking, fast-food, drugs or alcohol.
  • Get more sleep because this help your body to repair itself. The lack of sleep affects your mood, your metabolism and your concentration.

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