Powerful Components of Acai Berry

The super food from Amazon forest, Amazon acai berry is a source of all vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the body. The deep purple fruit grows in clusters of 700-900 fruits. In Brazil, they are hand picked and eaten by the local people. Studies show that the deaths by heart attacks of the Amazon people are very rare because of the powerful antioxidants in acai berry. Apart from essential antioxidants, acai berry has various health ingredients. When you buy acai berry supplements, take some time to ensure that the berries are frozen and dried. Though this method is not fats and cheap, this is the best way to retain the nutrients in the berries. Due to the rising demand, mass production of acai berries in farms is supported and this gives a lot of job opportunities for Brazilians. You must include acai berry diet to lead a healthy life style.

The components of acai berry are greatly beneficial for health. Vitamin B which improves stamina and energy is found in plenty in acai berries. This also aids absorption of various essential minerals. Riboflavin needed to process amino acids and fats is present in acai berries. This element also ensures that carbohydrates are properly absorbed by the cells. Beta carotene and Vitamin C present in acai berries aid in healthy cartilage development. Aged people generally suffer from bone density loss because of the natural ageing process. Vitamins K and D in acai berry improves bone mass and senior citizens can greatly benefit from these berries. Vitamin K in the berries protects tissues from oxidative stress. Calcium in acai is found in a form that is easily absorbed by the body. Acai has abundant of potassium that is essential for muscular health. 

To aid formation of collagen and essential hemoglobin, copper is essential for the body in small traces. Regular intake of acai berry can provide the minerals needed by the body. Manganese and zinc that help in protecting internal organs and promoting natural health are found in plenty in acai berries. The anthocyanins antioxidants in acai berries are the major reason behind the popularity of these berries. This tiny fruit is an excellent source of fiber and essential omega healthy fatty acids. Amino acids proved to regulate muscle development can be supplied to the body with the regular consumption of acai berries. The Theobromine in the fruit supports the health of heart. To get the acai berry benefits you should try to take acai berry by purchasing the supplements from health stores. However, make sure that the berries are processed properly without heating.